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Western Showmanship and Pleasure Jackets, Shirts, and Vests
Western Show Clothing 
Original designs, quality workmanship, and superb fit makes our western show clothing stand out in the ring.

The Hoyt Center for the Arts exhibited our collection this May.

Our jackets are styled for a smooth, sportmanship fit. We always attempt to use fabrics with some give/ stretch. Recently, we obtained a very comfortable lining that wicks perspiration from the body. It has a wonderful soft feel and is almost as stretchy as lycra (swim suit fabric).

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Personally custom design your show jacket with an experienced consultant for your riding class. Each of our ensembles are works of art in originality and workmanship. Or you may purchase an original jacket from our designer collection. Each is one of a kind. 
 Please feel free to contact us with your ideas.
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